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Terms and Conditions

This site contains sexually explicit materials, you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

All models showed on the pictures and videos were at least 18 years old at the time of the photo/video shoot.


If you want to use the services of fantasycam.webcam (then we can call it as "Fantasycam" or "the site" or "the website" or we can say "we" and we are always referring to fantasycam.webcam), first of all you have to read the "Terms and Conditions" of this website. "Terms and Conditions" indicate the rules of this website. If you don't agree with that you read in "Terms and Conditions" you can not continue to use the services of Fantasycam and you can not register to the site. If you agree to these rules it means that there is an agreement between you and the owners of the website. Moreover, you'll bound to every amendment will be added by us to the site in the future.


This is the most important point and rule of the site. In this site there are videos and images of persons who are more than eighteen (18). We don't permit to anyone to publish video and/or images of himself/herself if we don't have the absolute certainty he/she is more than 18. Here there is zero tolerance for images and/or videos of persons who are less than eighteen (18). We'll contact National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and every other agency to signal every person we'll suspect is less than 18 and is trying to use our services. Moreover, every person who is less than 18 is invited to leave this site immediately. If you know someone who is on this site and he is less than 18, contact us as soon as possible. We'll send him/her away from this site in some minutes, we'll contact the agencies we're talking above to signal him/her and for no reason he/she can continue to come back on this site.


1. RIGHT TO USE You can use the services offered by this site and We estabilish the conditions to use this site. We can change the conditions and you have to read them and to respect them in every moment, if you don't do it we can terminate your account and not to permit you to register with other account. In every moment we need, we can suspend the services of this site if, for example, we have to reorganize some parts of it, the database or other contents.

2. FOR ADULTS ONLY This site is for adults only, as we write above and this is the most important condition for using this site. For using the services offered by this site you have to confirm you are at least 18 years old (or you have reached the age of majority, according to the jurisdiction and the laws of your country). If you violate this condition, and we think you are doing it, we terminate your account and you can not continue to use the services of the site. We also give your data to the authorities if we suspect you don't have reached the age of majority and you are connected or registered in this site.

3. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, PEDOPHILES, PEDERASTS We'll signal to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ("NCMEC") and to other agencies and authorities every person we suspect is less of 18 and shows videos and/or images of himself/herself in this website. IT'S PROHIBITED TO SHOW VIDEOS AND/OR IMAGES OF PERSONS WHO ARE LESS THAN 18 IN THIS WEBSITE. If you do this, we don't give you any news, we simply terminate your account and then we signal you to the authorities. In this site is prohibited to publish video and/or images of child pornography, you have to exit the site as soon as possible if you are searching for those videos and images. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE about this kind of material. If you see something like that on this site you can collaborate with us, you have to contact us and signal the suspicted video and/or images, then we'll investigate about this. We'll colaborate with authorities to find the guilties of this facts, as far as in our possibilities.

4. CODE OF CONDUCT You have to respect the Code of Conduct of this site if you want to continue to use its services.
- If you have an account registered in this site and you have reached the age of majority you can broadcast videos of you in this site.
- you are the only person responsible of the videos you show in this site
- you know that the material showed in this site is for adults only
- if you show in a video with you, or a video you produce, even only one image of a person who has not reached the age of majority we'll terminate your account without tell you anything and we'll signal you to the authorities transmiting them your personal data. Even if you ask to see some materials with persons who have not reached the age of majority we'll do the same thing, transmiting your data to the authorities.
- We don't permit you to show in this site any offensive behaviour; we have zero tolerance about harassments, we don't tolerate any form of defamatory statements, it's prohibited to use racist, obscene or offensive language, we have zero tolerance about every behaviour and/or language that violates the laws and community standards.
- every person who is registered on this site can decide if he wants to talk in a private chat with other users of the site. He/she's free to ban other users, he/she can decide to ban some users because he/she doesn't want to talk with them, and continue to talk only with other users he/she selects. We don't participate about this, only the users decide.
- You can not publish in this site messages regarding advertisements about other sites and/or products, commercial messages, spam, or messages which are against the law and/or against the community standards. You can not infringe privacy rights, property rights or other civil rights of other persons. If you do this, we terminate your account and you can not register to this site anymore.

Prohibited Conducts in this site

- Showing videos and/or images of persons who have not reached the age of majority (in this case we contact the NCMEC and other authorities)
- Showing videos in which there are unauthorized persons
- Showing videos and/or images with animals, pets, in a sexual context
- Sleeping during a video
- Using illegal drugs (in some countries even drugs as marijuana or hashish are considered illegal drugs)
- Using large sex toys. If you want to use some particular sex toys you have to contact us before using them to ask if we permit their use. You can contact us to webmaster@fantasycam.webcam For some devices we permit we can ask you to sign a document and we can decide in any moments the use of this devices will be not permitted anymore.
- Drinking alcohol during a video
- verbal abuse is prohibited
- Showing "Goatse" or "Bukakke" scenes in the videos is prohibited (you can contact us if you see some similar scenes and we'll terminate the account of the user who shows them)
- Every scene referred to menstruation is prohibited
- Every single scene with blood, violence, torture, rape, is prohibited (contact us if you see scenes like these in some videos)
- It's prohibited to show a video in public place (even if you are in a room and you create a film set in which it seems you are in a public place, is prohibited)
- It's prohibited to show a video which is made outdoor. If you do this, we must have the absolute certainty there is no neighbor who can watch you while you're making the video (in other cases we'll suspend your video and terminate your account)
- It's prohibited to arrange any escort or prostitutions services
- It's prohibited to show obscene actions in the video
- It's prohibited to promote other websites with live webcam streams
- Every user can enter the website only with his/her account. It's prohibited to enter with the account of another user.
- It's prohibited to write/say something which discredits this site. If you do it, we terminate your account.

5. Privacy and Use of Information. We don't disclose your personal informations, documents, everything about you, to other parties. It's only for our personal use, to see if you have reached the age of majority and you can show videos on this site

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