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Return / Refund Policy

Purchasing products

In the website fantasycam.webcam (even called "the site", "the website", "Fantasycam", or we can simply say "We" and we referred to this site, customers can buy subscriptions and/or credits using different method of payments, purchasing with credit card or making a bank transfer. When they purchase a subscription and/or some credits, we give subscription and/or credits when we verify the transaction is ok (if they pay using a bank transfer there will be more time to confirm money they sent us. It is not possible for a customer to cancel a transaction, if he/she purchased a product and sent us money. It doesn't depend from us, but it's connected to the method of payments we use in this site

Problems with method of payments

For evey problem connected to a payment, customers can contact us sendig a mail to webmaster@fantasycam.webcam, we can solve every problem about this, the only thing we can specify is that when a customer pays using credit card, Fantasycam is not the direct responsible of the transaction, we only offer a service to the customers using other services. The transaction is not direct to Fantasycam, it happens with the services we use for the method of payments. So we can contact our sellers for everything solving every problem. Moreover, if you pay using a bank transfer, if we don't receive money it can depends from problems of your bank, Fantasycam is not responsible of the problems of a bank transfer.

To withdraw money

A customer of Fantasycam, a person who transmits videos on this website, can receive credits from other users. He/she can decide to withdraw money when he/se has reached a number of credits which can be converted in money. If he/she makes a request to withdraw money we pay him/her in 15 days. In the "User Profile" file he/she specifies the method to receive money and we pay him/her using that method.